Details Matter is an experienced advertising agency that can handle all your print media and direct mail distribution needs. Marketing strategy counseling and seminars are also available. Choose Details Matter whether you need one ad to appear in 20 publications or 20 ads in 2 publications. We have various forms of advertising and marketing contracts available.

Marketing Strategies

We will study your products/services and familiarize ourselves with the market therefore. Then we'll develop an advertising program designed to meet your needs and budgetary limitations.

  • Market Analysis/Definition
  • Marketing Plans & Recommendations
  • Marketing Theme Concept
  • Special Project Coordination

Media Research

Let Details Matter analyze your market media and recommend those which are most suitable for your use.

  • Publication Research
  • Media Schedules

Ad Design

Whether in the local newspaper or in an international magazine, your message will reach the consumer with noticeable impact. Details Matter offers individual ad designs or theme series.

  • Ad Concepts
  • Copy Writing
  • Ad Designs

Placement Services

Details Matter will arrange for the placement of your advertising, handling details such as contract negotiation and prior-to-publication ad proofing.

  • Media Contract Negotiations
  • Ad Submission
  • Performance Validation
  • Effectiveness Tracking

Press Releases

Details Matter can inform media in your market scope of all your exciting product development and service enhancements.

  • Copy Writing
  • Photo Digitizing
  • Press Release Dissemination

Trade Exhibits

From your show give-aways to stunning larger-than-life displays, we will handle the design, coordination and production of all your trade exhibit materials. Ask us how Details Matter can help you market your business to the public and represent your interests at trade shows!

  • Banners
  • Displays
  • T-Shirts, Cups, Magnets and other Promotional Gifts
  • Show Representation

. ...And the accompanying literature as well! (see design section)

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